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With its warm water, consistent winds, and the large lagoons surrounding many of the islands, the Maldives is fast becoming a windsurfing hot spot. The best season is from May to October when the wet season hits and the winds pick up. Many of the resorts in the Maldives have the necessary equipment and on-site instructors to assist guests in learning to windsurf.
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The clear, blue waters of the Maldives are home to an amazing array of fish and colourful coral reefs. With a myriad of nutrient-rich channels, drift diving is very popular and divers can really enjoy the abundance of marine life. Species of fish include parrot fish, Napoleon wrasse, snappers, rays, and a variety of sharks including the friendly whale shark. The colourful soft coral and many caves in the Maldives create the appearance of a beautiful underwater garden covering the ocean floor. Covered in sponges and soft coral are pinnacles of rock called 'thilas' that rise up from the ocean floor.
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The warm, blue waters of the Maldives invite snorkelers into a beautiful undersea world with colourful coral and an abundance of marine life. Most of the islands and atolls are surrounded by a reef that slopes into deeper water. This is often known as the 'house reef' and features many interesting caves and terraces that are home to an amazing array of marine life. The water in the Maldives offers great visibility and the exotic tropical fish are bound to capture the attention of underwater visitors.
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The warm waters of the Maldives offer some great surfing waves ranging in size from 4-8 feet depending on the season. March to October is the best season for surfing, with the biggest swells coming from June to August. Popular surf spots are located at the North Male' Atoll and include Jailbreaks, Honky's and Sultans. Wind in the Maldives is generally offshore, and the waves break onto dead reef that you will only come into contact with if you surf at a very low tide
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The beautiful blue waters around the Maldives are home to a wide variety of marine life enticing fishermen from around the world. Night fishing is popular and many boats travel out the reef before anchoring and then spending the evening fishing. Game fishermen can expect to catch black marlin, white marlin, tuna, Dorado and wahoo. The Maldives is also popular with fly fishermen who mainly fish for snapper, trevallies, bonefish and blue fin.
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Kayaking is a fun and rejuvenating activity to take up on your trip to Maldives. The island is extremely popular for its water sports, kayaking being one of them. In this activity, one is required to paddle a small boat known as a kayak, using a double-bladed oar. The specialty of these boats is that they sit low in the water so you can experience every little turn of the water.
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Jet Skiing
Explore the natural beauty of the Maldives. Jet Ski across the warm Indian Ocean and experience the sheer rush of motorized Water Sports.
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Banana Boat Rides
Enjoy the banana boat ride in Maldives, which is a large inflatable tube that passengers ride. This water sport at high speeds and large waves. Hold on tight, as you sail over the waves and mean curves.
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Underwater Walking
The water sports world in Maldives is huge and offers a lot of unique experiences that will make you fall in love with everything Walking exactly on the floor of a tremendously deep ocean and being able to watch every amazing aquatic creature very closely is just a super ecstatic experience
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Live music
From a fun DJ night, live bands, jazz, social guest gatherings to the Local Maldivian Dance night of the Bodu Beru. Lose yourself in the celebration. Dancing under the stars. Meeting new friends. Daily excitement at Maldives most vibrant night scene.
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Movie Nights
If you visit a hotel, usually your movie experience will be on a big screen television right inside your room. If there's a cinema, it is also inside the hotel hiding the beautiful scenery of the night sky. However, there are a few Resorts that offer a movie night under the stars in the Maldives. Who wouldn't love being surrounded by tropical greenery on a bed of pearl white sand around a ring of turquoise lagoon with a view of the sky full of twinkling's stars? It will surely be a surreal experience to visit one of the those Resorts that offer movie night under the stars while the tranquil sound of the waves caressing the shore fill the air.
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Kids club
Unlimited children s fun at the Little Birds Club
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